A prophylactic for your Patheos comments.


Mirrors and Related work:

The last two allow you to protect your posts in-place, so you don't have to copy-and-paste to and from another site. They require a userscript manager such as Tampermonkey

What is This?

Disqus, on the Patheos platform, has implemented an automatic moderation 'aid' whereby if your comment has 'bad words' in it, it will be sent for moderation.

The words are available as badwords.txt. Obviously the contents of that file in no way represent the opinions of this author, they are simply provided as a guide as to what will get your post vanished into the moderator bin.

Note that it appears to be composed of a number of different alphabetically-ordered lists, so while it starts off alphabetical, it eventually loops back to 'a' again, etc.

The badwords were retrieved from a list Random_Luker provided as a google doc.

Among the bad words are completely inoffensive words like 'ipad', 'lesbian', 'Allah', and 'islam' (the last two are ironic given Patheos has a channel for Muslims); extremely mild expletives such as 'crappy', and words with totally ordinary connotations (if also raunchy ones) like 'bone' and 'knob', plus the weird inclusion of 'http' (what, we're not allowed to discuss the protocol that Patheos is served over?)

Who is to blame for this ongoing travesty is unclear. It has been said that Disqus did it and Patheos isn't happy, but it seems to only be in place on Patheos. Other Disqus sites do not have to put up with this sort of nonsense.

The human moderator being 'assisted' by being alerted when people are discussing potentially offensive things like major world religions, extremely popular portable computing devices, or uniquitous transport protocols can choose to let them through.

However, with a channel involving hundreds or even thousands of posts (like Slacktivist) this is arduous and potentially infeasible.

And remembering what not to say is pretty much impossible.

This page provides protection.

How Does it Work?

In the case of single bad words, they are detected, reversed (so they appear in the data backwards), and then surrounded in Unicode control characters to display it backwards. Two backwards makes a forwards.

The Patheos/Disqus filter isn't looking for backwards bad words, so this works.

For phrases, the phrase is detected and the first common-or-garden ASCII space character is replaced with two thin spaces. The filter is not very smart and looks for exact strings, so replacing the space character with another